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K. Siddhartha is a  Strategic thinker, Geostrategist, Knowledge and Perception Management Consultant, has been an advisor to International Government agencies and is sought after for his advisory roles with different Governments and National and International Institutions. He has been a Mentor of International repute, a distinguished Thought leadership trainer, author of International stature, and educationist.

Personality: Siddhartha is a mentor, thinker, and a visionary. He has the ability to see things beyond ordinary; he can analyze issues, and see them from many different perspectives. His experience in life has been full of diversity and challenges. His professional experiences range from being a physicist to a fashion designer to an environmentalist, a corporate trainer, a mentor of International repute, who is now pursuing research in palaeo geography, Knowledge Mapping and Perception and Knowledge management.

As a Corporate Speaker, Motivator and Thought Leadership Trainer

As a Speaker, he has lectured in seminars in Frankfurt, London, and Bucharest, on the role of Geopolitics in daily life, held a workshop on “How to Brand India and bear its offshoots”, “How Hazard is an opportunity and its perception can create a new career opportunity and a new branding”, and “Perception management and Experiential Economy”.

He is actively involved in bridging relationship between Latin American Government and India and also to help these countries take advantage of emerging India.

  1. Curriculum Reform and opportunities, it offers for new business development. Delhi 1996
  2. Role of attitude and emotional intelligence in Civil Services – Hyderabad 2001
  3. Decentralized development of Steel Industry through Integration Agglomeration and use of bagasse. Noida, 2006
  4. Sustainable Island Tourism, New approaches for Greece. Rhodes, 2007.
  5. Changing location of aviation hub from Frankfurt of Dubai. Implications for a new aviation world and its attendant opportunities in Middle East. Frankfurt
  6. Nationalism and national feelings are harbingers of a new market and brand evolution, INFOSYS, Bangalore 2009-10.
  7. Perception Management as an evolving discipline for brand promotion of concepts SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai 2012.
  1. Agriculture, Aquaculture and Agribusiness as a new era busineses and skill evolution thereafter. IQ Gains 2014. (
  2. Businesses are built on everything that is emotive and humane while trading is built on Calculations and logic. IBG Mumbai 2016
  3. Movement of World towards a new Experiential Economy and it’s implications for development and business strategy. P. Jain, Dubai 2018
  4. Knowledge Mapping as a tool to take India towards a Vishva Guru status and the leverages that it will offer. Delhi School of Economics 2019
  5. Personal Branding as a tool for career and identity building, Webinar by CSTV 2020
  6. Gig Economy and its opportunities for New Age Business (proposed by IBG) 2020

2012-Family Businesses their spatial variations, and adjustments required in personalities S. P. Jain Institute of Global Management.

2014-Real estate, its future and the new skills to adapt, service and grow exponentially. Earth infrastructure

2018 Talent or Sincerity-Self Understanding as a Hallmark of a new and evolving Economy, Bangalore Snap deal

2019-Compulsive honesty-Your personal brand for future, Chandigarh University

K. Siddhartha