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History & Heritage through Maps

History & Heritage Through Maps is an academic endeavour for those students, researchers and scholars who face difficulty in having access to various and vivid facts, figures and facets of socio-cultural realm and repertoire of a historically important places. This book especially focuses on the archaeological relics, built: heritage and culturally and politically important events that took place and presents the history of the place in correct chronological order. It also consists of two important chapters on Ancient Indian Historical thought and Cultural and Historical Geography of India.

Heritage and History Through Maps is the first and the only thematic history atlas of India.

The very first chapter also highlights the perceptual Geography of the world, elucidated in Puranas. This book also includes information on recently excavated Pre and proto-historic sites of India and description on places of tourist's interest in India. This book is a prolific conglomeration of divergent facts that can help aspirants of Civil Services in scoring good marks in history optional as well as General Studies.

Contents of the Book



Section A

  1. Ancient Indian Geographical Concept
  2. Historical and Cultural Geography of India

Section B

  1.  Places with Locations in Maps



Section C

  1. Pre-Historic Sites of India
  2. Recently Discovered Harappan Sites
  3. Places of Tourist Interest

Section D

  1. Appendix
  2. Glossary
  3. Index