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Geography Through Maps

GEOGRAPHY THROUGH MAPS is the first and the only thematic atlas of India. The compilation work for "GEOGRAPHY THROUGH MAPS" was the outcome of the difficulty felt by many students in understanding the basics of Geography, who asked very simple questions and whose answers and explanations, were lacking in any book.

The book is an attempt for the whole mankind to let it know the complex world with its natural features and phenomena. The concept is to make the world our own by knowing all its part clearly.

The book is a hard worked compilation of all the relevant information at one place. The aim and the sincere effort is to make useful contributions to all those students for whom Geography and knowing places still remains a difficult proposition. The maps used are not true to scale but they are meant to guide every reader of this book to locate places and to obtain important information about them.  The picture of the whole world has been presented in a sequential manner so that at no point the reader finds it monotonous, dull and uninteresting.

The book contains an exhaustive glossary to help the students to know about the places in short cut manner. Glossary of locations of the world and India is exhaustively incorporated
An appendix is also provided which contains facts and recent data of India and the world-updated till March 2018.

This book is useful as a ready reference and for UPSC aspirants for both GS and Geography optional, for PT as well as Mains.


Contents of the Book



World Continent                                                                                                            

Waters of the world                                                                                                        

World's Mountain Ranges                                                                                              

Great Deserts of the world                                                                                              

NORTH AMERICA                                                                                                     

North America Political                                                                                                  

Canada Political                                                                                                             

United States of America                                                                                                

North America Physical                                                                                                 

MIDDLE AMERICA                                                                                                   


South America Political                                                                                                  

South America Physical                                                                                                 


Africa Political                                                                                                              

Africa Physical                                                                                                              


Europe Political                                                                                                             

Europe Physical                                                                                                             

AUSTRALIA AND OCEANIA                                                                                    

POLAR AREAS                                                                                                           

Antarctic and Arctic                                                                                                       


Asia Political                                                                                                                 

Asia Physical                                                                                                                 

World's Thematic Map                                                                                                   


India Political                                                                                                                

India's Neighboring                                                                                                        


India Physical                                                                                                                

India's Thematic Map                                                                                                     


Location of Past Questions