"Values and Morality can compensate for an intellectual and talent shortage, but talent and intelligence can never make up for lack of values and morality"
Biosphere: A Geography of Life

This Book has been written with the objective of making clear the concepts and laws that operates through our environment. Also the vehemence of human exploitation, rather destruction of nature to fulfill his unlimited ravenous greed has to be stopped if at all human want to exist. We need to create worldwide nature friendly homes of reasonable, compassionate hearts and healthy values in order to preserve the prestine beauty of the globe.

Due to the increasing queries on environmental issues, the hullahbulah of "who has gained and who is going to pay for the loss", and the timely implementation of the environmental welfare policies, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive book that provides an opportunity towards information on fundamentals, concepts and prevailing concerns about global environment and India in particular. This book became a comprehensive assemblage of prevailing ecology and environment related concepts and information alongwith recent data from various studies and reports so that it becomes a helpful aid for students, teachers, examiners, examinees, NGO personnel, nature lovers and other interested target groups working on environmental projects.

The book is intended to be a textbook at the graduation and post graduation level of all the Indian Universities. It is also useful and popular for the Environment Section of the syllabus of the Union Civil Services as well as State PCS for Preparation for Geography optional.



Contents of the Book


Section – A

  1. Basic Concepts

Section – B: Understanding the Biosphere

  1. Biosphere: An Introduction
  2. Ecosystem Concept
  3. Ecological Succession
  4. Soil: Nature and Formation
  5. Soil Classification Systems
  6. Distribution of Plants and Animals
  7. World Biomes

Section – C: Biotic Resources

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Forest Resources
  3. Natural Resources

Section – D: Human Impact: Environmental Degradation

  1. Human Impact: Ecological Problems

           Impact on Atmosphere

           Impact on Lithosphere

           Impact on Hydrosphere

           Impact on Biosphere 

  1. Environmental Pollution

Section – E (Human Responses)

  1. Human Ecological Adaptation
  2. Environmental Conservation and Management
  3. Sustainable Development
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment

Section – F (Appendix)




The book has been reviewed, approved and recommended by the NATIONAL BOOK TRUST, Government of India