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Ecology & Environment

The work on "ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT" was the outcome of the difficulty felt by many students in understanding our own environment, who asked very simple questions and whose answers and explanations, were lacking in any book. Hence this book, which is an attempt to solve these problems.

In this 21st century, the awareness about the environment and the ever-increasing danger due to pollution or otherwise have made it prerequisite for everyone of us to have a better understanding of the magnificent world we inherit and inhabit. The real world in which we live remains alien to us till date. Even after a good education we remain ignorant of all the resources our country has inherited.

The book is an attempt for the whole mankind to let it know the complex world with its natural features and phenomena. The concept is to make the world our own by knowing all its part clearly. Even to this day the world is an incredibly rich storehouse for us and for future generations. But we must learn to treat it with respect and gratitude. 
"ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT" is an informative book to make useful contributions for a better understanding of the earth.

From the environmental point of view the book is complete in every respect. It is short, concise, pictorial, and authentic and covers latest global events that took place till first half of 2013.
It comprises of all the latest development related to environment. The coloured plates incorporated in this book is to serve the purpose of better understanding and along with this exhaustive glossary have been given to facilitate the reader.

The book is intended to be a textbook at the graduation and post graduation level of all the Indian Universities. The Book is also useful and popular for the Environment Section of the syllabus of the Union Civil Services as well as State PCS for Preparation for Geography optional.

 Contents of the Book



  1. Natural Environment   
  2. The Biosphere
  3. Ecosystem    
  4. Types of Ecosystems
  5. Laws of Ecology   
  6. Human Ecological Adaptations  
  7. Soils   
  8. World Biomes   
  9. Local Ecosystems     
  10. Human Impact 
  11. Pollution    
  12. Biodiversity 
  13. Wildlife        
  14. Pollution    
  15. Biodiversity 
  16. Wildlife        
  17. Forest Resources     
  18. Conservation & Response   
  19. Ecosystem Management    
  20. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  
  21. Sustainable Development    
  22. Legislation   
  23. Recent Concepts       
  24. Glossary