"Values and Morality can compensate for an intellectual and talent shortage, but talent and intelligence can never make up for lack of values and morality"

The Problem

There is a state of confusion among the 10th class students who are not able to understand their goals, their aspirations, the difference between their dream and correlate with their destiny, they do not understand their ability, their strength, their weakness and how should they plan their life and their career. One they understand themselves, they will use their ability in the best possible manner. Students at 10th and 12 level are left wondering on what to do, where do they stand in terms of their academic, health, mental health, intellectual health, and building social capital. Without these self-understandings, they are always in lurch with what they have to do in their career and life.

The problem can be solved if these shy students approach anyone to get themselves counseled, advised, and get themselves understood well.

This can be done by opening a call centre and a face to face centre for counselling students who find it difficult to settle themselves in career, understand themselves and know their relative merits and demerits

This is to be done through offline online combine through call centres that have sensitive and well trained guides at different levels and having a dedicated TV channel. The call centre will listen to the caller and will be able to suggest them measures or solutions to overcome them if there is an issue of sorts, This will done by having a mass testing on their psyche and their standards and then set them for a path to be self sufficient and strong.

The likely impact of the Programme will be

Personality enhancement and an enormous amount of goodwill creation, Classification and Categorization of students for career, for personal data collection their tastes and the willingness to change, A goodwill creation among youth to permeate the thinking and ideas of the government and to remove the negativity among the people of the state.