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are linguistic states causing problems in india

The reorganisation of states on linguistic basis has generated several problems:

  1. Linguistic states are likely to endanger the national unity since they stimulate a feeling of regionalism, hinder economic co-operation between the states and engender antagonistic feelings towards neighbouring states. A strong tendency towards exclusivity of resources develops rather than allowing the resources to be shared.
  2. The feeling of national unity has been weakened by the emphasis which the reorganisation has placed on regional, cultural, historical and linguistic dimensions. Examples of such parochialism are seen in renaming Bombay as Mumbai, Madras state as Tamilnadu and recently, Madras city as Chennai.
  3. The formation of linguistic states has to quite an extent retarded planned economic development, because local sentiment within a state often resents the utilisation of the state’s resources for the benefit of other states. And at times for overall national objectivities as well. Inter- state employment possibilities, other than those in the civil services have not expanded as rapidly as expected because the states are reorganised on linguistic principles. Moreover, presence of business interests lowing extra-state origins or affiliations and of communities or persons from other states engaging in productive occupations or profitable ventures are often viewed by the domiciled populace as a denial of opportunity and wealth. Regional political leaders and parties have often incited the regional population towards parochial activism and agilationist activities, subsequenting exploiting the situation for political aggrandisement. A related sentiment is that of regional chanvinism where people of a state consider themselves superior in terms of various facets them those of other states. These proclivities are detrimental to an integrative national identity and could jeopardize the core constitutional tenets of national unity and integrity.
  4. Strengthening of Regional Consciousness by giving the people fuel for more though, strengthening the brand of identity politics.
  5. Evolving breed of linguistic satraps, who use every opportunity to instill nefarious perceptions in the minds of gullible people, and instigate their sentiments for their own evil designs. The tirade against Hindi by Stalin is a case in point.

Nevertheless Reorganization of states was a historical necessities. Its a different matter that we couldn’t evolve India enough to allow these feelings to be camouflaged.

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