"Values and Morality can compensate for an intellectual and talent shortage, but talent and intelligence can never make up for lack of values and morality"
Nation, State, Territories, and Geopolitics

With political economy replacing the geostrategy in many ways, the focus of Political Geography has also shifted to a considerable extent. Contemporary Political Geography needs to include themes like geopolitics of peace, post-cold war geopolitics, future geopolitics of multipolarity and polycentrism and international environmental security. Political Ecology, now being at the centre-stage of global thinking is being incorporated in the subject matter of Political Geography in a big way. Similarly, global governance or global partnership and regional politico-economic security are issues, which need to be addressed by political geographers in a more rational way. This, in no way, means that the traditional subject areas like state, nation and nation-state, federalism, frontiers and boundaries, buffer zones, border problems and conflicts, geostrategy and regionalism have lost their importance or relevance.

Majority of the aspects mentioned above have been dealt with in thi . . . .

Science Technology & Society

'Science Technology and Society' covers the essentials of whatever Science and Technology comprises today in India. It has been designed keeping in view the difficulties faced by the students having little or no in hand knowledge of science, technology the new technologies and its application in India.

Salient Features of 'Science Technology and Society':

  • Basic concepts at the beginning of each chapter
  • Coverage of recent developments in the field of Science and Technology
  • Illustrations in the form of diagrams and colour plates
  • Review questions and model answers at the end of chapters for a better understanding of topics.
  • Insightful case studies and informations in the form of boxes in each chapter
  • Interrelation of topics with day to day phenomena
  • Completely updated and applied

The book is very useful for students appearing in various Public Service Commissi . . . .

India: Heritage & Culture

India: Heritage & Culture is the first comprehensive attempt to compile everything that is related to Culture Art and Heritage of India, Its issues and current status. Although many books have been written on culture, despite that there has been an urgent need for a book that is not completely factual, that is not insipid to read, that does not lack homogeneity and have a breakage in the flow of language. The book "Heritage & Culture" is a departure from any such book.

The book "Heritage & Culture" has been designed keeping in view the recent changes in the syllabus and the changing trends of UPSC Main examination. The weightage of Heritage and Culture in the new syllabus is substantial and requires in depth understanding. This book is an effort to solve the problems faced by students in dealing with the syllabus keeping in view the vastness and complexity of the subject. Every effort has been made to make t . . . .

History & Heritage through Maps

History & Heritage Through Maps is an academic endeavour for those students, researchers and scholars who face difficulty in having access to various and vivid facts, figures and facets of socio-cultural realm and repertoire of a historically important places. This book especially focuses on the archaeological relics, built: heritage and culturally and politically important events that took place and presents the history of the place in correct chronological order. It also consists of two important chapters on Ancient Indian Historical thought and Cultural and Historical Geography of India.

Heritage and History Through Maps is the first and the only thematic history atlas of India.

The very first chapter also highlights the perceptual Geography of the world, elucidated in Puranas. This book also includes information on recently excavated Pre and proto-historic sites of India and description on places of tourist's interest in Ind . . . .

Geography Through Maps

GEOGRAPHY THROUGH MAPS is the first and the only thematic atlas of India. The compilation work for "GEOGRAPHY THROUGH MAPS" was the outcome of the difficulty felt by many students in understanding the basics of Geography, who asked very simple questions and whose answers and explanations, were lacking in any book.

The book is an attempt for the whole mankind to let it know the complex world with its natural features and phenomena. The concept is to make the world our own by knowing all its part clearly.

The book is a hard worked compilation of all the relevant information at one place. The aim and the sincere effort is to make useful contributions to all those students for whom Geography and knowing places still remains a difficult proposition. The maps used are not true to scale but they are meant to guide every reader of this book to locate places and to obt . . . .

Basic Physical Geography

Understanding any subject requires a solid grip over its basics. A basic of any subject is not only about facts, not only about its content but understanding of the entire concept of what Geography is. The book "Basic Geography", is an attempt to help clear the concepts of Geography, as well as, help the students understand the content of all the basics one should know about Geography.

The book explains the concept of Basic Geography in the most simplified manner. It covers possibly all the topics that Physical Geography, Settlement Geography and Human Geography. The coverage of the topic is wide, comprehensive, and multidimensional presented in a simplified manner. The book uses a lot of tables and has numerous illustrations.

The book is also the only designed book on Physical Geography in India and also the most contemporary as well. The book is also the most profusely illustrated book with the largest number of coloured plates in any book on Physical . . . .


Climatology is a text book and reference book on Meteorology, Climatology and Physics. " It is an amalgamation of the diverse concepts and terms that constitute the subject, Climatology. The approach taken is firmly based on sound scientific principles. The emphasis is on the simplification of the concepts. Therefore, the book has been designed. It is the only designed book on Meteorology in India by any Indian author. The layout and make-up of the pages is such that students belonging to different categories can use it alike. Essential scientific models, concepts and terms (particularly, for deeper knowledge of the subject) are explained in boxed sections which are separated from the text in order to facilitate the use of the book with wide academic background and interest. Special attention has been paid to the simplification of the language. 

The first edition of the book was carried out by NBT. The book is intended to be a complete textbook . . . .

The Earth's Dynamic Surface

The Earth's Dynamic Surface is a text book and reference book on Geology, Earth Sciences and Geomorphology. Though many books have been written on the subject, in this book incorporates the traditional, as well as modern concepts, which could be comprehensive yet fundamental and which could be useful for Earth Science, Geology, Geography as well as non-Geography students.

This book attempts to answer some of the most fundamental questions of Geomorphology in a down to earth language. It departs from traditional books in that it is most upto date in its presentation of facts and eliminates many obsolete concepts. In a sense this book is more scientifically produced than any other book on Geomorphology previously written. Throughout the book, the aim is to maintain the link with the basics and the fundamentals.

The Earth’s Dynamic Surface' is an attempt to integrate the various needs. It is an amalgamation of the diverse concepts and terms that consti . . . .

Biosphere: A Geography of Life

This Book has been written with the objective of making clear the concepts and laws that operates through our environment. Also the vehemence of human exploitation, rather destruction of nature to fulfill his unlimited ravenous greed has to be stopped if at all human want to exist. We need to create worldwide nature friendly homes of reasonable, compassionate hearts and healthy values in order to preserve the prestine beauty of the globe.

Due to the increasing queries on environmental issues, the hullahbulah of "who has gained and who is going to pay for the loss", and the timely implementation of the environmental welfare policies, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive book that provides an opportunity towards information on fundamentals, concepts and prevailing concerns about global environment and India in particular. This book became a comprehensive assemblage of prevailing ecology and environment related concepts and information alongwith recent data . . . .

Ecology & Environment

The work on "ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT" was the outcome of the difficulty felt by many students in understanding our own environment, who asked very simple questions and whose answers and explanations, were lacking in any book. Hence this book, which is an attempt to solve these problems.

In this 21st century, the awareness about the environment and the ever-increasing danger due to pollution or otherwise have made it prerequisite for everyone of us to have a better understanding of the magnificent world we inherit and inhabit. The real world in which we live remains alien to us till date. Even after a good education we remain ignorant of all the resources our country has inherited.

The book is an attempt for the whole mankind to let it know the complex world with its natural features and phenomena. The concept is to make the world our own by knowing all its part clearly. Even to this day the world is an incredibly rich storehouse for us and for future . . . .