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The abysmal state of teaching, learning and education in colleges and Universities churns out students who are neither fit for higher grade jobs nor fit for low grade jobs even after after having obtained a degree. The poor level of teaching in colleges, which teaches beaten topics of no relevance, of no significance are of no use in practical or in academic spheres. The inability of the students to imagine, reinvent themselves, innovate, and gain a secure life and career because of poor state of skill and intellectual or academic depth is pervasive throughout the country and the subcontinent. Most of these students are not able to differentiate right from the wrong, truth from façade and reality from perception. They rather than becoming an asset become clogs in the development of the country. They are the demographic dividends of the country but with the type of skill and feelings that they have, will they really be a dividend. At best they become good servants rather than be good leaders and entrepreneurs.

One Solution is to Provide these college students chapters and learning environment that helps them broaden their vision, broaden their horizon, create a new age learning environment, prompt them to innovate and experiment and become self sufficient to take up their career without any state intervention. The teaching model replaced by learning prompts the students to broaden their thinking, become objective rather than be subjective and perception driven and that helps them forge their own innovations, become leaders, good administrators, the one country is looking for or good entrepreneurs that Make in India campaign will be looking for.

This be done by adopting College and its students & provide a 100% secure career to their students who have just begun their graduation. That means by the time the students have finished their graduation, they are ready for a career or already have one career. These carriers will be Civil Services, Academics, Management, Entire SSC services, Banking and even Politics.

The USP of the Concept is that It’s the only concept in the country, the only career security programme. Brand CSP is associated with K. Siddhartha Sir

At Present position, the Concept runs as a pilot project in three colleges In Bihar. The Strength of CSP is a panel of world repute comprising of advisors to PM, Secretaries to the Govt of India, Academicians of national level, Very high academic credentials with endorsements of Vice chancellors of 6 University, Past Results of Civil Services 1482 results so far and added to it the experience of 20 years of K. Siddhartha.

The Likely Impact of CSP is an enormous amount of gain for the College.

The college stands to gain a lot from participating in such type of programme, the first such programme in the country. And the leverage that the college can draw will pass these on the students who will be managed by us, their thinking chiseled by us, and the good will spread the way we can manage

The gains for the college will be-
  • one- the students academic and intellectual ability will improve a lot, which will be a boon for the college as the students’ result will show a drastic improvement;
  • two- the students will start securing a career which will make them a goodwill ambassador for the college,
  • three- the academic environment of the college will improve as the students start indulging themselves in a variety of activities involving debate, discussion, assignments, field training, within the college premises,
  • four- the inflow of quality students to the college will improve,
  • five- the implementation of the concept and the exposure of the candidates to some real quality teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring may induce some of the complacent teachers of the college to wake up from slumber, and refreshen themselves again.
  • six- K. Siddhartha sir will keep calling his panel members and advisors to meet the students for guiding and educating them which will elevate the branding of the college, and uplift the mood of the college,
  • seven- the net results that will show up in two years of time will bring lot of accolades for the college in the coming years, and
  • eight- the effort made by the college will go a long way in the chronicles of the respective college and the head of the organization entrusted with initiating the concept will be remembered for a long time to come.

Ninth- The students will be able to learn to differentiate right from wrong, governance from chaos, façade from truth…and will prove to be loyal to the state and governments.