Knowledge Mapping Of The World

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A knowledge map is a visual aid that shows where knowledge can be found on the Earth in tangible or even in intangible form, and also what exists in the mind of the people, within a group or organization, and how to find those with the best expertise in imagining it.

It is an “inventory of knowledge”, these maps are organized using various means such as DEM, DTM of Google map or ISRO map and the  various interconnected forms of economy, culture, civilization, history and the human mosaic milieu to make it easy to find out information that charcaterises the place, person, event, phenomena or even its history.


A Knowledge map of the World will entail mapping the whole of the world’s location along with its description of in an audio visual form and video form including static photographs as well as in situ videos that includes its physical features, climatic stations, its location, its economic activities, and its culture. It will be an almost thematic atlas of the whole of the world. It will be the first such effort not only to map the whole of the world, but also the civilisations its cultural milieu that makes the place so unique, exceptional and extraordinary.

Besides it will have an inbuilt mechanism to make that place live in real time as one moves across the terrain in the same manner as is in Radio garden

This will make it the first knowledge mapping of the world.



Google has charted the whole of the world almost in entirety and has three-dimensional proposition as well for the areal extent of the globe. The locations along with its physical surrounding are well observable, well seen and well mapped. But it doesn’t make it a knowledge map.

What it lacks is the knowledge and imaginative segment about all of them as it has not been thought of and is missing.


To prepare a knowledge base of all the places in the world in the form of narrative and a documentary that will be available in a manner of a click. This information is going to be customized by picking up niche and selected information that is in the form of a complete and authentic graspable information along with its latest happenings, including current affairs as well that is presented in the form of a documentary. Such treatment of all the places in a relative importance form can be composite to begin with and then categorized and detailed segment wise with time beginning with its geography.


This knowledge mapping will be used by all the policy makers, for Disaster Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Agricultural scientists, Gig economists, students of the world who want to know about that place, make a virtual visit to the place and can be used as ready reckoner for all the places in the world to give flash of information during day and night and can be visited live any time to have the changes gathered. It will be the sinhgle most important tool in identification and promotion of unknown tourist destinations and integration of world economy through tourism


At the outset, the concept is fit to be adopted more as a policy measure, rather than as commercial venture, more as a legacy creation rather than a trading venture, more as a knowledge diffuser which has the potential to create a platform for some known as well as unknown futures. Of course, it will offer a knowledge platform in the same manner that Google has offered.

Knowledge Economy

It will be used as an indispensable tool for all the people in the world who want to know anything about that location both in a documentary description form presented in a gripping story as well as a live coverage of the climate, present condition and events of the place which are going to be cultural as well as economic.

Monetisation-Subscription base of the user 

Experiential Economy

To give an experience to the people that the world despite being so diverse, has a reason for it be diverse, and this diversity offers enormous scope for Gig economy for innovations in type of economies as well as diffusion of ideas. It can create a major integrating force in the world as it has the potential to offer direct dialogue with a group of people and the heads of Governments and States create a feel of belongingness. Certain areas, certain groups will offer such a feature as a very unique experience at that point of time during festivities, during events as well as during specific occasions.

Tourism Industry

The Knowledge map offers a three-dimensional image of the world terrain with a DEM and DTM of the place that is described. This offers enough scope for a viewer to gauge the height, depth and extent of the terrain as well as the underlying physiography. Apart from cities which are offered such a terrain mapping, the places having sparse vegetation will also come under the same terrain information and its map. That map is apart from its climate and vegetation

Such maps offer an imaginative knowledge of the place, to plan for the place since it’s a real time picture as well and also to lay a plan for unknown places or customize a trip based on niche fascination and fantasies.

Monetisation-Customisation of information base and documentary sharing on request. Roadmapping and information on travelling conditions that is physical, cultural, as well as economic

Aviation Industry

The knowledge mapping will always be a good tool as a training ground for budding aviation guides and seafarers given the knowledge of the terrain through which they may have to find their way, the underlying surface which they encounter for any alternative mishap, for any alternative pathways and for a description of the terrain as well to the passengers as an entertainment mode.

Resource Exploration

The varied knowledge is a recipe for resource exploration ease of minning and ease of movement of goods as well.

Upgrading Local Intelligence for a better governance and management,

  1. Advertisement from local chieftains, traders and adventurists
  2. Traveler groups to ease their expeditions.
  3. Universities, Colleges and all Educational Institutions for some Niche explanations of the locations on demand.
  4. Advisory roles on Niche tourism.
  5. Local products having a wide range of market and a global maret.