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Development is a multidimensional process that encompasses growth, welfare to the society, attitudinal changes, institutional and social changes, and eradication of deleterious environmental impacts as well as absolute poverty.

It refers to the process of becoming happy and enlargement of the choice of the people.

Viewed from that angle, development includes concern about protection of the environment as well.

Environmental degradation includes lowering of the quality of environment, land degradation, soil degradation, climatic aberrations, so called global warming, atmospheric pollution, water and marine pollution, biodiversity loss, and simplification of the ecosystem.

As long as environmental degradation takes place, the resources human beings have, or they generate in the form of money, needs to be diverted to manage the damage. To manage the damage an investment of thinking, investment of time, investment of money all is required. These investments unless they are made in time damages the environment even more, and these investments that are non remunerative increases further without any commensurate returns.

When growth takes place, it is unidimensional, without any affect on the multidimensional effects of human development. Growth has its side effects, including environmental degradation,.development does bring about socio psychological changes in the people so as to help them take some ameliorative controls and measures.

Thus when growth takes place, it necessarily causes environmental damage, as it is its side effect. The more the environmental damage, the greater the degree of environmental damage the greater will be the control of environmental degradation through investment alone.

Environmental degradation is not only the impact of cost of growth. It is essentially a product of very self centred approach of the humans towards nature, a very selfish and valueless attitude, an apathetic insensitive approach towards environment about which they have hardly any knowledge. If development takes place then people’s awareness, their affection and concern towards environment also increases, it is growth that takes a toll on environment, since a byproduct of growth is degradation.

If environmental degradation is somehow ignored there are many consequences that will follow-the cost of treatment will increase the technology required for treatment will also become different and the investment of creating a technology will also increase

The incidence of diseases, moreover unknown diseases, health ailments and impact on biotic life will be really adverse.

Environmental degradation is an exponential growth (degradation). As the degradation continues, on one day human beings will find that the world is too degraded to live and that some real desperate measure will be required. Exponential growth will cause the next day will be the doomsday. The whole world will collapse.

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