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The Green Energy corridor project

With an energy starved population the significance of non-conventional energy resources has gone up. The priority of the energy and power sector is to harness renewable energy resources to meet the increasing power demand.

The government is thus planning to roll out a ‘green energy corridor’ project to facilitate the flow of renewable energy into the national grid. The project is aimed at synchronizing electricity produced from renewable sources such as solar and wind, with conventional power station in the grid.

India is a tropical country with varied topography and coastline the potential for wind and solar energy production is enormous in India. The green energy corridor project will be started with German assistance. RES in various states will be connected to national grid through special corridor.

The success of the project can actually be a game changer in Indian problems of conventional energy. The peak power demand can effectively be met by the surplus generated by the GEC. Moreover being a clean source of energy the problems associated with emission and pollution can also be negated effectively. Finally the GEC would also allow decentralization of the energy sector in India which in deed is the need of the hour.

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