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Ecology, Bioenvironmental Geography & Agriculture

Ecology, Bioenvironmental Geography & AgricultureA complete book, and a complete solution for GS Preliminary Test. UNIQUE, EXCEPTIONAL EXTRORDINARY QR code guided video presentation of the chapters in a documentary form

ECOLOGY, BIOENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY & AGRICULTURE " is short, concise, pictorial, and authentic book meant for Civil Services preliminary Examination that covers latest global and national events, treaties policies events till 2021. ECOLOGY, BIOENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE CHANGE serves the purpose of PT examination for Environment Section of the syllabus of the UPSC (Main and Prelims) as well as State PCS and Preparation for Geography optional. ECOLOGY, BIOENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE CHANGE is profusely illustrated and is the most colorful book ever published in India till date.

Contents of the Book

  • Population Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Settlement Geography
  • Models and theories
  • Regional
  • Planning.

The book is QR code guided to take you to the Video section where every chapter has been converted into a documentary. Enjoy the book.


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